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    Competitive CW Project & Blackshot Competitive

    CBP, Staff Member
    CBP, Staff Member

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    Competitive CW Project & Blackshot Competitive

    Post  Av3k on Sat Jun 25, 2011 12:29 am

    As I said on the forum twowar, the game need a new breath, and I think It will be cool if Blackshot Competitive will help me to do this project.

    Suggestion about a competitive clan war project.

    I know some players need competition and it's not on the server clan war where you can have it with fun, and with fair. So I think a lot of competitive players have the same idea : create a system of clan war with rules to have fun, fair and of course skills.
    When Blackshot didn't have twc, this game was very funny, attractive and a skilled game. There were no OP weapon, no tactical package and other bullshit created to give a lot of advantage to players who spend their money on it. I think actually a lot of player regret this time and have no fun in clan war or they don't know how it was by the past and want to have more fun.

    So I want to know, which teams will be interrested to see the competition come back ? And for this, I want you to take time before answer me, because if you are interrested, me and other players wil create it and you should be active on it every weeks.

    Let's talk about this project !

    Who creat the project ?
    I mean, this project could be in participation with Blackshot Competitive (or I don't know).

    About rules
    Rules could be the same as BP rooms, ESL rules or other rules with some twc weapons allowed I don't know. I/We need your opinion about it.

    Where can we do clan war ?
    I think pro channel is perfect to this. Because in clan server you can meet other team without the same rules and it will be too complicated. And there are always noone on it.

    How can we fight with other teams ?
    I think, leaders or players should talk each other to organise a fight on the lobby, and create a room named [CW CB] TeamA vs TeamB or something like that, i don't know.

    When can we fight against other teams ?
    I think, at the begin of this project. We could organize it one day a week since 18:00 to 23:30 idk. Why we should do this ? To have the most teams as possible in the channel in the same time. Then if this project work and a lot of team join this project, we could do this more day a week.
    And may be in the futur the staff will impose teams to fight against other teams. (To force team to play against every teams)

    about result
    I think it will be pretty nice, if all result can be posted on a forum. The staff could be work with these result and doing a ranking by week, by month, by year by all the time

    So i think this game need a new breath, and this is a manner to inject it. What do you think about it ? What is your opinion ?

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