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    Competetive Blackshot project reqruiting staff members


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    Competetive Blackshot project reqruiting staff members

    Post  AceD on Sat Jun 04, 2011 4:15 am


    We need staff members as soon as possible, help us achieve some extremely happy players in the game of Blackshot Europe. Please, be serious in this matter and dont kid around. We are searching serious Moderators wich can help us create successfull rooms in-game and at the same time be able to sattisfy the forum readers. Be atleast 18+ or atleast act like it. Have a microphone (would make things alot easier). Be nice to the players. and so on. You know the rest.

    So if you are interrested in joining the staff. Then just give me a mail @ OR just give me a PM.

    Best Regards, and Thanks in advance!

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