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    Welcome to "Competitive Blackshot"



    Do you like the idea of competitive rooms?

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    Welcome to "Competitive Blackshot"

    Post  AceD on Sat Jun 04, 2011 3:49 am

    Dear Competetive Gamerz,

    Some of you might hate me and some of you might love me.
    But we are not hear to share our feelings. You are reading this because you are interrested in the idea of making competetive rooms. If this works out we might even evolve this into making TWC free clanwars and even bigger tournaments. But for now we will stick to making rooms and see how many that are interrested in this project. This is for all of you competetive players out there!
    Maybe you want to get closer to the game and other players by showing everyone how good you can play with BP guns. We are open for suggestions and we are open for applications, Help US help YOU.

    This is how we are going to do this.

    [Note]: At first there might only be 1-2 rooms open. But we will try to expand. But we need the players help. The rooms will probably be open from the afternoon till night time if players are active.

    For example,

    The room Description/Name will always be "[CB]- NO TWC - [CB]"
    There will be a PW in the announcement beneath the banner ("Competetive Blackshot") That password will be used for the games in 24 hours, each day will have a different pasword.

    We will announce moderators in the forum wich will make the rooms. First we will just make them and invite people. If that doesnt work we will find a solution. If you have the solution we are looking for then PLEASE,.. SHARE IT!

    We will also take screenshots of all the games and put them in the gallery, you can find the gallery under the forum category "Competetive Blackshot".

    Please invite as many players as possible to this forum and then tell them to invite more people and so on.. If this works. We might get alot of tournaments and big Events in the future!

    Thanks in advance!

    Best Regards.

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